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Fishing Charters

We don't just bottom bounce' we reel in the big fish and expertly target the best catch!



Experience first-class reef fishing in the surrounding waters of Dundee Beach!​

Our reef fishing charters are so much better than the average Darwin fishing charters - we specialise in small groups taking a maximum of six clients per boat on our charters to ensure everyone has the best chance of catching the big fish! 


We fish grounds wide of Dundee to the Perron Islands, with the best marks discovered over many years of responsible fishing practice.

There is a large array of fish species to choose from such as Jewfish, Golden Snapper, and Cod on the inshore reefs. Further off-shore, we target Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Bluebone, Nanagai, and Tricky Snapper.



We depart the Dundee ramp at 7 am or earlier if the tide suits.

  • Maximum 6 clients per day charter

  • We supply lunch, snacks, and drinks.

  • On boarding our charter boat you will receive a safety briefing from our guide showing the location of safety equipment such as life jackets, flares, fire extinguishers etc.

  • On arrival at the first fishing spot, our guide will demonstrate the tackle and technique best for the style of fishing.

  • Throughout the day you can fish many different locations.

  • Around 4 pm we head back to the boat ramp where our guide will clean or fillet your catch and bag it up for you to take home!


Techniques range from conventional tackle, casting, live bait, and jigging. Our team of professional fishing guides have expert local knowledge of the area and will offer the best advice on the fishing options to ensure you have a successful day. We also have the ability to keep moving to target different species of fish.

With 25 years’ experience guiding from Dundee Beach you can be assured that you will be fishing with the local experts.​


We know the best times and locations to catch fish and we deliver the results you want...lots of fish!

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