Great 3 Day Trip

Report May 2,3,4


Mark, his 2 sons Paul and Adam along with their mate Jake came with a group of 12 from Brisbane. The fishing had been outstanding at Dundee lately and with great tides it looked like being another great trip.


Day 1: After a lot of action on the previous day up north we headed that direction for a day that left me scratching my head, a big day of trolling produced a few smaller mackerel and a bit of a session casting at a shallow reef with poppers for a couple of small gt’s and queenies, the fish being the clear winners today.


Day 2: we had a slow start to the next morning as well, with the jewies not playing the game either, the young fellas had a keen interest in jigging and plastics, so we headed out wide into the deeper water to have a crack at the reefies. On the way to the bottom Jake was hit on a gulp mid water and with a suspected mackerel tearing off drag Jake fought it to the top and as a pleasant surprise a cobia showed its colours, Paul was next to hook up with a big goldie of 4kg, with the tide starting to run and  the boys struggling to hit the bottom an extra half an ounce was needed on the jig heads which was just the ticket to get to the fish, Adam hooked on to a nice goldie on the 7inch pilchard colour gulp just before his brother stole the show with a 5k monster goldie on the pumpkin seed. With conditions just right we drifted for the next couple of hours and produced more good goldie's, coral trout and tusk fish all on plastics a with a mad session of macks on chrome slices to finish the day.


Day 3: With the tides now small enough to fish the Peron’s, jews were the target species. All 3 boats headed down and it wasn’t long before we hooked up, it took 70 minutes to get our limit of 10 jews, including Pauls big one at 34lb, the boys were pumped with jewies and we headed to the rocks for a queenie, the queenies were a bit slow but 3 big specimens were landed around the 6-7kg and it was time to call it a day, and a great trip.  



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