Northern Territory fishing charter report 

Jewies on the bite - 6/3/14

A couple of lads visited Dundee from Katherine and joined our charter with long time Darwin angler Christine. Being the first charter for the season we tried a couple of our usual inshore favourite marks which did not produce the goods (yet). After about an hour Matt said “I know where they are… lets go!” and headed further afield to our favourite spot at Point Blaze.It took about 30 seconds and Christine’s rod buckled over just as Al said “I’m on too”. Yep double hook up straight away (Matt was smiling). Al’s fish pinged him off on a rock and Christine showed him how to do it, 35lb Jewie. Shortly after Jake, who was the novice angler in the crew, took to the challenge and landed himself a hat trick of Jewies 28lb, 34lb, 36lb. Al who was waiting patiently for another opportunity got his chance and landed a cracker Jewie, the smile in the picture tells the story. Another jewie each, straight away for Chris and Jake and everybody had sore arms, big smiles and a touch of sunburn on a very hot day.Pretty good start to the fishing season and things are looking good for the rest of the month.

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