Couldn't get away from big fish

Fishing Report May 2014


Garry and Megan from New South Wales joined Neville from South Australia came on a one day charter. The tides were good for the Peron Islands so off we went to a jewfish spot that had been running hot of late and true to form it took less than a minute to hook the first fish. Double and even a triple hook up on 25lb plus jews saw us have our limit within an hour and looking for something else to chase.


A quick troll for a barra didn’t produce so we headed over to the bottom end of the islands or a queenfish, it wasn’t long before the first lure got destroyed by a 7kg queenie and the next couple of hours produced many big queenies.


We decided to head back towards Dundee but the fishing hadn’t finished  yet... when passing over Bowra shoals a large school of longtail tuna popped up, every chrome slice that went near the water got nailed and provided a long fight from the 6 to 7kg tuna, half a dozen were landed before we called it a day and headed for home.


One of the busiest days on the water I’ve seen a great day where you couldn’t get away from big fish!

Gary's comment was "Best fishing adventure so far in my life and I have been fishing since 5 years old, thanks"


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