We get you to pull your BIGFISH in ...

Not the anchor.

small groups 

fully equipped boats

electric anchors 

Dundee Beach Fishing Charter Boats

Our fishing charter boats are customised for all types of fishing charters. We have the flexibility of fishing the rivers and estuaries as well as heading wide for bluewater fishing. Our boats  are in NT Marine survey (2C), fishing up to 15NM offshore, and carry all the necessary safety equipment.  


We launch our boats at Dundee Beach via our own tractor which means no waiting around for launching and no lost fishing time.


We also have the flexibility to launch and retrieve our boats at any time and we won't miss a tide when the fishing is hot.


Whether you're planning your first Top End barramundi fishing adventure, or looking for a new location out of Darwin, we tailor our Nothern Territory fishing charters to suit your requirments.


Dundee is easy to get to, and our boats catch more fish!

Experience and results DO COUNT when your choosing a fishing charter...

Don't settle for second best!

Dundee Beach Fishing Charters

Namarada Drive - Dundee Beach

PO Box 77  Dundee Beach, NT  0840

Mobile: 0416 280 370
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