Barramundi & Jewies

Report 14/3/14

Rod, Shane, Boots and Matt had a good day out on the jewies at Dundee. Plenty of jewie action for Shane, Boots and Matt but poor Rod was looking like missing out and didn’t want to talk about it. After spotting a big bait school nearby, they did a troll with some lures and Rods lure got slammed. The fish nearly spooled him while Rod looked at the last few wraps of line on his reel. Gun guide Matt threw the boat into reverse and chased the fish backwards till rod got a bit of line back. Still unaware of what kind of fish nearly smoked him, Rod was all smiles when a big jewie came in the boat with his lure planted firmly in it's top jaw. Awesome catch on light gear Rod, good to hear you're still talking to your mates. An afternoon barra fish in the river produced a few small barra with a good one lost at the boat and a huge Top End wet season storm to cool everybody down before the trip home.

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