4 Day Charter at Dundee Beach


Reoprt 1/4/14

Pete and Scott, a father/son from South Australia joined Paul from Queensland on the 1st of April. First on the list for the boys was a barra and with good tides early morning we headed to the river, a few smaller barra came on board, there was a few of “boofs” around and a couple of big fish were unfortunately lost, next up was a jewie, we headed outside and it didn’t take long, Scott and Pete both hooked up on big fish both weighing in at over 30lb, Scott scored another good fish shortly after which rounded off day 1.


Another early start for day 2 where a salty barra was on the cards, we headed to one of my favourite spots, chasing big barra around the rocks. 9 barra were landed in the small window we had to fish this area, it was Paul’s day today, getting the first fish at 75 and following up shortly after with this 90cm specimen, when the tide dropped out it was off to the reef where we caught golden snapper, coral trout, golden trevally and mackerel.


The boys had to work very hard on the 3rd day but it produced a cracker, Pete was woken up quickly trolling up the river by this 95cm barra. The afternoon produced a couple of smaller fish in the drains on the incoming tide.


On the 4th day we were after a day of sportfishing on the shallow reefs, while trolling for GTs Scott had a hook up but lost his lure almost instantly, within seconds Paul hooked up to something big, a while later we got sight of this fish that turned out to be a horse of a mackerel and much to Scott’s disgust, had his lure also in its mouth!! When the tide started to run the fish really came on, a double hook up on GTs was next both around 20lb and tore off some serious drag! A few more queenies were landed until the sharks spoiled the party. We headed to an island close by where we were chasing big queenies and it produced nearly straight away, a lot of queenies 6-7kg which were great fun on light gear, today was now known as “mayhem Friday” and the boys went home with sore arms and big smiles

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